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Learn how to take control of your finances once and for all


  • Know what you are spending

  • Get out of debt

  • Create an Emergency Fund

  • Develop a retirement strategy

  • Master your Personal Family Budget

  • Pay off your mortgage

By following the steps outlined in this course you will begin to see an immediate financial improvement ….Guaranteed!

Preparing for your mortgage begins with a sound financial plan. Financial planning 101 requires a base understanding of what you spend, what you earn and what you save. We are here to help!


SmartFinances4Life gives you the tools to architect your financial future. 

Online Class: Free 04/28/2021 4:00pm PST

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Smart Finances 4 Life!
"We are here to guide you out of the debt we just got you in!"
Paul Tollefson - Mortgage Loan Strategist
Monthly Family Budgeting and Wealth Building Classes