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Learn how to take control of your finances once and for all


  • Know what you are spending

  • Get out of debt

  • Create an Emergency Fund

  • Develop a retirement strategy

  • Master your Personal Family Budget

  • Pay off your mortgage

By following the steps outlined in this course you will begin to see an immediate financial improvement ….Guaranteed!

Preparing for your mortgage begins with a sound financial plan**. Financial planning 101 requires a base understanding of what you spend, what you earn and what you save. Let's build your budget! We are here to help!


SmartFinances4Life gives you the tools to architect your financial future. 

Online Class: Free 08/19/2021 4:00pm PST

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** Smart Finances 4 Life is designed to help you prepare a budget and financial story so that you can collaborate with a certified financial planner or CPA. Though our tools and courses can help you create a solid financial foundation, they are not a replacement for professional investment advice. We recommend that everyone consult a professional, licensed financial planner or CPA to ensure a sound financial future. Ask us for a referral to a fee based planner or CPA!

Paul Tollefson or any employee of Smart Finances 4 Life is not a Certified Financial Planner.

Smart Finances 4 Life!
"We are here to guide you out of the debt we just got you in!"
Paul Tollefson - Mortgage Loan Strategist
Monthly Family Budgeting and Wealth Building Classes