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Schedule a time to meet with Paul T over coffee. His treat! He'll answer questions about almost anything. Really, try him.... he knows a lot of random things. We're not even kidding!

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Zoom Morning Coffee Series

Grab your coffee and join Paul on the following dates for a 15-20 minute Zoom meeting for a Real Estate and Lending Strategy session that sure to help you create a win in today's market. Click on the link below and Paul will put the pot on!

Two Dates!

Thursday, Aug 25 9:00am PST
Tuesday, Aug 30 9:00am PST

Win Your Next Listing Appointment

Learn how to build into your listing a Seller Buydown Strategy to attract the most potential Buyers and maximize your Seller's Net Sheet! We will address how to maintain this Year's price while delivering last Year's rates, how to effectively counter a low-ball offer and protect the list price and how to manage potentially low appraisals without Buyer fall-out.

Grab your Coffee! See you on the Zoom...

240A Elm Ave

Mill Valley, CA 94941

O: 628.288.9977 | C: 971.998.4758

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